Playhouse-Mosque “CAMI-XL”


The large kartooon Playhouse-Mosque “CAMI-XL” to play, paint and decorate – made of high quality corrugated cardboard consisting of 46 parts.

Design, development and production – MADE IN GERMANY!

The corrugated cardboard is coated with several layers of white paper on the outer side – thus very stable and resilient. In addition, the “CAMI-XL” is designed so that it can be redesigned
very easily at any time.

* Fairy lights, paint box, decoration and other items are not included *
Color variations are possible **


Lieferzeit: 3 - 5 Working days

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Dreams are the beginning of something big. We would like to lay the foundation for this with our product, so that imagination and creativity are stimulated and encouraged.

For our playhouse mosque also requires nothing more than imagination, creativity and fun! Scissors and glue are not needed due to the simple plug-in system.

Once assembled, the individual parts can be folded again at any time to save space and stored in the original case. The playhouse mosque is made of high quality and recyclable corrugated cardboard and promises fun and stability.


It is best to draw a template in pencil and color it. Whether with felt-tip pens, colored pencils, chalk or watercolor.

Additional information

Weight 8,00 kg
Dimensions 80 × 15 × 68 cm

Außen (Outside): 102 x 102 x 165 cm

Innen (Insite): 78 x 78 x 98 cm


Spielhaus-Moschee "CAMI-XL" bestehend aus 46 Teilen und Aufbauanleitung. (Playhouse-Mosque "CAMI-XL" consisting of 46 parts and assembly instructions)

* Lichterketten, Farbkasten, Dekoration und andere Gegenstände sind nicht enthalten. * (Fairy lights, paint box, decoration and other items are not included)

Here you can download the assembly guide.